Sunday, October 5, 2014

Minimalist Rocking chair by Montis

The Dutch company Montis designs this rocking chair in the pictures. This product is called Dim Sum. Design of this rocking chair is adapted from the classic image of the rocking chair, including the wooden structure that allows the rocking motion. Although the concept of classic rocking chair is adapted from classic style, this chair looks modern and has fresh design. The material that used durable and the frame is strong.  For more information about this rocking chair, you can visit Montis.

Decorate the room with Minimalist Stackable Shelf

If your hobby is reading the book, stack able shelf is one of the right furniture to save your book. Using stack able shelf makes your book neatly arranged, and you will find the book you want very easily. Moreover, Stack able Shelf can also be used as your room decor. Of course, you have to look for good stack able and matching with your room.  This time I will show you minimalist stack able shelf  96° by Pulpo.  There are many color combination for each shelf with black, gray, red and white.  In addition, you can create many various type of furniture by using boxes as you want. For more detail, please watch pictures collection bellow.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Remodeling a kitchen and bathroom is important to make them to be fresher. Kitchen and bathroom are the most room that frequently use in your home. Remodel them may spend much money, but it is possible kitchen and bathroom remodeling on the budget. There will be some updates that you can finish, or complete in cheaper way and hopefully able to create fresh feeling inside your kitchen and bathroom.
Generally, fixture is the main point in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. It is relatively cheaper and able to create a modern nuance. There are many shops that sell various fixtures to suitable your style as you desire. There are general kitchen fixture; hardware of kitchen cabinet, lighting and faucet. For the bathroom, it is the same ways to change the fixture, but it is better if you add a shower head, medicine cabinet and mirror. For most fixtures, you can change it by yourself that enable to make low the cost.
You can reface your cabinet to make the new look. This activity will require much time but low cost than you have to buy the new of kitchen cabinet.  You can repaint or change the hardware of kitchen cabinet such as the knob, pull drawer or hinges. Repaint the kitchen cabinet will get a great changing of kitchen appearance because cabinet is main point for the kitchen.
Tile is always part of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Backsplash is a great part of kitchen that able to give a general changing. You can apply a tile backsplash between the cabinet and counter. It can also be the focal point of your kitchen besides the advantages. There is a various material of tile. It can be ceramic, glass or stone. Choose one that really suitable with your budget and taste. Actually you can buy a tile sheet and then attached it whit an instruction. For the bathroom, you can also replace the tile. Replacing the tile in shower area is general. You can also save your money by installing the matching tile for a wall. You can also replace your tiles that already exist with the accent tile.